Archives and Agricultural Heritage - International Conference
6-7 September 2021

The International Conference on Archives and Agricultural Heritage, organized by researchers Annantonia Martorano (SAGAS Department) and Marco Napoli (DAGRI Department), aims to retrace the development of agriculture and agricultural techniques with a careful look at the agronomic implications of the future thanks also to the information obtained from the archives. The historical data retrieved from archival sediments analyzed and compared with agronomic techniques offer an effective multidisciplinary synthesis involving different roles and skills in order to aim for economic, technological and environmental sustainability perspectives. The conference aims to build effective cooperation between science and society and wants to combine scientific excellence with awareness and social responsibility in an attempt to involve the community in the issues, policies and activities of science. Two days, four sessions that will allow you for the analysis of different lines of action, ranging from issues related to the history of agriculture to production and purely agronomic techniques; from international archival projects to agricultural institutes, collections and schools; and again, from agricultural surveys to methodologies of cartographic representation on the territory.


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